The launch of Allies Digital to tackle Finland’s ever-worsening talent shortage was extensively covered in media by Tivi, Taloussanomat and others.

EMBARGO November 19th 2020 at 08.00am (EST)

Allies Digital, funded by Finnish venture capital fund Gorilla Capital, aims to solve the dire talent shortage within Finland’s ICT sector by launching an international platform of thousands of coders. Talent shortage in the Finnish software developers’ market has already exceeded 10,000 employees and the number continues to grow. …

In our continuous exploration of the Finnish IT services market, 6 months ago, we decided to run an experiment. We wanted to know if Baltic & Polish dev houses could stand a realistic chance to be competitive in Finnish public IT tenders.

This article will bring you the experiment results, our learnings and motivations for running it.

Knowledge of any new international market comes through practice, presence & partnerships. You can’t just march in and say “here I am” — winning meaningful projects outside domestic markets is an investment & time heavy process.

Entering a new market, the value in public tenders lies not just in potentially winning the bid. No two markets are the…

News: 18.06.2020 and Lingonberry Island take a big step into a high value partnership. Companies have agreed about strategic collaboration to develop the best Talent Fulfillment Platform in terms of customer experience, customer value and competitiveness on the market.

In the agreed deal Lingonberry Island delivers high value consultation based on the Arvoneliö™ business development tool offering (Engl. Business Value Chart ™) as a continuous service. Continuous service is a new innovative business model for High Value Consulting with monthly invoicing. It is all fixed fee and value based with 100% satisfaction warranty. is a Talent Fulfillment Platform…

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (officially abbreviated as ITL) is a non-profit association uniting information and communication technology (ICT) companies and organisations. The combined turnover of the members of ITL is more than 70% of the total turnover of the Estonian ICT sector.

Allies becomes full member of ITL as of 16.04.2020.


ITL stands for uniting the Estonian IT sector into a strong and competitive unit where partnerships and information-sharing thrives —a common goal shared with Allies.

Post-crisis economy will be driven by digitization. All that’s more digital, contact-less, automated, robotic, virtual, on-demand, flexible, regulated — you name…

Ettevõtete digitaliseerimise, inimeste muutuvate tööharjumuste, geograafilise piiride hägustumise ja in-house tööjõu kallinemise tõttu on agentuuride roll IT-, turundus- ja disainimaastikul järk-järgult suurenemas.

Agentuurid aitavad ettevõtetel areneda agiilselt, pakkudes kõrgelt spetsialiseeritud kompetentsi, mille värbamine oleks aeganõudev ja majasisene ülalpidamine kallis.

Samas, Eesti ja naaberriikide IT-maastikul on pidev tööjõupuudus, mistõttu on agentuuridelgi tööd küll ja veel ning turg on pigem müüja- kui ostjapoolne. Väikeettevõtte veebi värskendamise hind Eestis jääb €5000-€15 000 juurde ning keerulisemate portaalide ja tarkvaralahenduste puhul võib hinna korrutada viie kuni kümnega. Targad onud räägivad, et Soomes olla korraliku veebipoe arendaja juures järjekord kuni aasta.

Püsimaks konkurentsis on investeeringud aga…

The success of our digital nation relies on mutual efforts of the public and private sector. The e-Residency program encourages businesses build value-adding services that complement state e-ecosystem and improve lives of both local and e-Estonians.
Allies does just that. By tapping into Estonia’s digital talent, who, among others, have contributed to unicorns like Skype & Transferwise, Allies match-makes e-resident businesses with IT, digital & creative agencies to enable local and e-Estonians tackle business challenges together & with confidence.

allies for e-residents

This is a guest post submitted by a company that’s growing by serving e-residents.

“…best. startup. opening party. ever.”

erik strömbäck, bynder.

“It’s crazy. Everyone was talking about it. Even more crazy that I missed it. I can’t believe I missed it.”

david kijlstra, zoku.

“Party was at the TQ club. Same floor as our office. I was working, deadline to meet. Then, I think it was fireworks. I gave up..”

markus leming, tnw.

…a few comments on Allies launch at TQ. Weren’t there? Two people were. It was the night of their lives. See here.

Jokes aside. We are not in Amsterdam to party (or…?).

Solving coder shortage

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