“…best. startup. opening party. ever.”

erik strömbäck, bynder.

“It’s crazy. Everyone was talking about it. Even more crazy that I missed it. I can’t believe I missed it.”

david kijlstra, zoku.

“Party was at the TQ club. Same floor as our office. I was working, deadline to meet. Then, I think it was fireworks. I gave up..”

markus leming, tnw.

…a few comments on Allies launch at TQ. Weren’t there? Two people were. It was the night of their lives. See here.

Jokes aside. We are not in Amsterdam to party (or…?). Allies wants to change the way businesses “buy” from agencies.

“Buy” is not the right word. Better way to put it: We are like Tinder and you don’t buy from Tinder.

That would be weird. You match.

It’s important that you grow together. Whether you work with an agency on a specific project or are in it for the long run. Both are fine.

Finding the right one is difficult. Or, if you are a corporate, you can just request a tender. And then agencies run for (or from) it. But for small and medium sized businesses, and for boutique agencies, there’s no time to tender.

That’s where we come in. Allies finds out what your business needs. Not ASL but NBT (needs, budget, timeline). Early start-ups need mvp’s & identity, scaleups seek for a reliable partner to run their systems or to brand for a new market. Sometimes, you simply look for niche competence.

And of course, style is very important. An agency can have it all, but if they are not keen on your industry, it’s better to know upfront and get someone who’s game it is.

And because we know our agencies, we can match-make. Not just their style, but availability, depth of expertise, and how much money they want from you. We have it all so it’s really not about how expensive it is. It’s what they do best.

Allies is currently in Alpha phase. We curate 30(growing) agencies with incredible people. Covering disciplines from machine learning & AI to software & web development, from design & identity to animation & production. All of them boutique, 3–50 people.

As the founder of Allies, I’ve had lunch with them all. They are so good at what they do that we trust our business with them. As opposed to Tinder, Allies selects its supply carefully.

Now that we have our TQ office opened for business (see picture below), we want to get to know you. Please reach out on Twitter, email, or, if in Amsterdam, happy to grab a coffee/beer. Let’s just chat. Doesn’t need to be business. Can be parties. But hopefully business.

Priit Pavelson
founder, allies.digital

Picture of our office:

The whole thing is not our office. That would be stupid or very optimistic. Other people are also working from here. It was just late in the evening.

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