Talent platform of 4,200 coders launches in Finland

Allies Ecosystem Meetup — Priit Pavelson, CEO of allies.digital (standing) — key note at Allies developer ecosystem meetup

Making market more efficient is not enough

The theoretical market value of Finland’s coder shortage is up to one billion euros and, according to Pavelson, it cannot be fully solved by merely making the industry more efficient, that is, by maximizing the talent potential that already exists in the market.

400–600 new employees to Finnish market through Allies Digital in 2021

Next year, the number of instantly vacant senior developers through Allies Digital will reach 400–600.

Collaboration with Siili One proof of remote work trend shift

Allies Digital has entered an agreement with Siili One to provide them with talent fulfilment services, through which the talent pool of 4,200 coders is available for Siili One.



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